Tablet Weaving Kit: Bespoke


A tablet weaving kit made specially for you, ready to weave and with everything you need for weaving a bracelet, necklace, key fobs or decorative zip pulls and more. Includes instruction booklet with diagrams to illustrate the technique.


The original ready made kits (cotton, 1.5 m long x 1.5cm) are out of stock, and we are preparing new designs. In the meantime, we are happy to make custom kits to order. Drop us a  line so we can discuss what you would like. We’ll help you choose fibre (cotton, linen silk, tencel, or wool), colour way, length and design, all with your end result in mind.

You’ll receive your chosen threads with tablets attached so you can get started weaving straight away. A fraction will have been woven to help you see how it should look, and the bobbin of weft yarn will be already attached.

We include

handmade walnut beater, just the right size for both a weaver’s hand and the 5 cm tablets in the kit

 instructional booklet with diagrams

ring lock, attached to a belt, ready to attach to the weavers’s waist

comprehensive illustrated instruction booklet

Weaving this kit demonstrates how tablet weaving works. You’ll get used to the mindful rhythm of turning tablets and the manual skill of weaving, and the terms describing the elements of weaving. You’ll learn to observe what happens as you work.
With this understanding you can go on to make wider and longer bands of your own, or go for a follow up kit.

We adjust the price of £45.00 to take account of your what is uncured in your bespoke kit. If you already have a beater, you may want to buy an extra one… or not. It’s flexible, let us know what you’d like, we’ll talk and give you a specific price before you order.

Before you decide you may like to access helpful demonstration videos through

Sue in Norfolk comments: “I love everything about this kit, the way the information is presented, even the quality of the tin.”

Price includes first class postage within the UK and free gift wrapping if you let me know when ordering.

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