Tablet Weaving Workshops


These workshops are suitable for everyone, including children over 10, accompanied by an adult.

The tablet weaving workshops introduce a low-tech way of creating narrow bands and braids which can be used to form ribbons, book marks, mug rugs, pouches and closures. Bands can be sewn together to make larger pieces.

We can tablet weave, (sometimes called card weaving) using simple small equipment and create intricate patterning. Learning to tablet weave is a great way to understand the weaving process and can easily be continued at home. Children are particularly quick to pick up this technique.

Tablet weaving workshops are for up to 4 participants. Students will weave a narrow band on an inkle loom, and learn various ways of weaving backstrap style.

Prior booking essential.

If you are interested in what is on offer, but other times or dates suit you better, or you would like to have personal tuition, please get in touch. Call me on +44 (0)1330 844409 or use the contact form.