I love to explore and discover weaving structures to use in art work and fabric. I love sharing the joy of making and handling beautiful fabric with texture and colour.

It is intriguing to take inspiration from drawings, paintings, and photographs with a wide range of subjects, and interpret them in cloth.

I weave by hand using a TC2, digitally operated hand loom. The design process is methodical, in stages, the weaving slow, allowing time to engage with materials and structures as it grows.

I start with an exploratory 'what if?' approach. When I've worked out a way of designing or a new idea I can go on to plan larger pieces.

Weaving since 1975 I studied at Bradford College and the Lisio Foundation in Florence.

Since 1995, I’m based in Royal Deeside, in north east Scotland, an inspiring place to live and share a love of weaving through teaching and mentoring in the studio and online.

I help weavers at all levels weave their own distinctive fabric, using tablet weaving techniques, table looms, shaft looms, compudobby looms and digital jacquard looms.

I am especially intrigued with the simplicity and complexity to be found in tablet weaving. Follow the Vimeo links and have a go yourself.

Do get in touch if you'd like to study with me on any type of loom, either online or in the studio.

I'd love to hear from you.