What I do

I’m a weaver who experiments and explores. I love the experience of handling beautiful fabric and love to use texture and colour to create fabric and artwork.

On developing a fascination with jacquard weaving I acquired a digital jacquard type hand loom in 2008.

Taking inspiration from drawings, paintings, and photographs with a wide range of subject, I am intrigued with how I can interpret them in cloth.

I work with image editing software to create files which instruct the digitally operated part of the hand loom. The weaving process is carried out by hand, allowing me to study the fabric as it grows and respond with adjustments in yarn, texture, colour and structure.

Designing jacquard weaves uses many high and low tech textile and computer skills acquired over the years. Working in the jacquard medium is a perfect fit for me. I feel I arrived at the right place without consciously having been on a journey.

My experience/qualifications

I started spinning and weaving in 1975, and completed the Bradford Certificate in Handweaving 1982.

Over the years I have explored texture and colour and many weaving techniques making cloth for clothing and scarves. I also have used paper yarns for structural decorative pieces. Acquiring my own Thread Controller loom (TC-1) and then a TC2 from Digital Weaving Norway has open up an exciting range of possibilities.

I have served on the committee of the Uk Journal for Weavers Spinner and Dyers, the Anchorage Weavers Guild, the Association of NorthWest Weavers’ Guilds, and chaired the Grampian Guild of Weavers Spinners & Dyers.

I am especially intrigued with the simplicity and complexity to be found in tablet weaving”. Follow the Vimeo link and have a go yourself.

2008 and 2009 I attended the Lisio Foundation in Florence, Italy for their course “Recognition, Analysis and Cataloging of Textiles”.

I’ve been based in Royal Deeside since 1995, a wonderful (and inspiring) place to live and share my love of weaving in teaching.