Weaving the Cobblestone shawl

I weave wall hangings, fabric and narrow colourful bands.

Weaving is by hand, mostly on a studio Jacquard TC2, digitally operated hand loom. This offers more flexibility in design than a shaft loom.

I make tests before starting a new project, producing smaller weavings which I keep as teaching samples or place in the ‘Off the Loom’ shelf in the studio for sale.

I enjoy the design process, working in stages and the logical efficiency of all the steps in the making.

Preparing the threads to put onto the loom, and throwing the shuttle rhythmically across the warp are like dancing. Other steps allow quiet listening to podcasts and audio books. At the end, there is great satisfaction in handling a finished result, planned and made from start to finish.

I’m based in Deeside, in north east Scotland, an inspiring place to live and share a love of weaving through teaching and mentoring.

I help weavers at all levels weave their own fabric, using tablet weaving techniques, table looms, shaft looms, compudobby looms and digital jacquard looms.

I often help weavers stepping across to use a different type of loom, or looking for a new direction in their work.

If you'd like to see how intriguing the simplicity and complexity in tablet weaving, follow the Vimeo links and have see how you can have a go yourself. It’s a great way to learn about weaving in general.

Do get in touch if you'd like to study with me on any type of loom, either online or in the studio.

I'd love to hear from you.