Jacquard Weaving Workshops


Designing for the jacquard loom using Adobe Photoshop
Jacquard Weaving Workshops – Introductory to Advanced: one, two / three, or four days

These jacquard weaving workshops are most suitable for but not restricted to those with experience of handweaving. The techniques taught can also be used for designing for multi-shaft compu-dobby looms. Here is an overview of the types of workshop on offer. They can be tailored to meet specific needs of individuals or groups, so if you are interested please do get in touch to discuss.

One day one to one damask workshop for weavers and non weavers interested in interpreting their designs in cloth. This is a good place to start jacquard weaving as it involves the primary techniques you need to understand in jacquard weaving. Bring your own drawings or photos, using Photoshop learn to simplify and reduce them to two-colour designs and hand weave a damask sample of the resulting design on the studio’s TC2 loom.

Two and three day jacquard workshops for weavers provide an introduction to weaving on a TC2 digital jacquard handloom. Students also learn to design in Photoshop from scratch, starting with two-colour damask style designs described above. Students will then move onto multiple shuttle weaves such as weft backed satins, again making make digital weaving files in Photoshop. They will develop a small library of weaves and have the chance to design and hand weave test pieces on the studio’s TC2 loom.

Students can also develop and weave designs they have previously prepared using handweaving design software such as Proweave and Fiberworks PC.

Four day workshops for weavers allow time for exploring multiple shuttle techniques, building on damask, weft backed weaves already mentioned, and moving on to samitum, double weave or other complex weaves. Students can expect to leave with a good overview of weave structures, the confidence to design their own, and to apply them in woven designs. The designs will be suitable for weaving on TC1 or TC2 looms available for hire and for residencies.

The studio TC2 loom is prepared in advance for workshops. This is time consuming and not covered in workshops unless specifically requested by all participants.

The following currently offer TC2 weaving facilities:- London Handweavers Studio and Gallery; The Icelandic Textile Centre; Corrie Van Eijk Docter in the Netherlands.

Participants in all workshops should bring their own laptop with Adobe Photoshop installed.

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