Loom Rolling – Fitting Castors to My Loom

I’ve been fitting castors to my TC2 loom from Digital Weaving Norway. I want to move it around the studio to make best use of the space and changing seasonal light. The loom is somewhat heavy so castors seem to be the way to roll.

We chose ratchet operated, plate fitting, levelling castors with bearings on the wheels and bearings on the rotation plates. The castors have a ratchet device that allows us to take the weight of the loom onto the castors for moving, and cinch to back down for a fixed position.

The job was straightforward once we assembled the necessary plates screws and castors. A fabrication workshop made plates to our design and we jacked the loom up using a lever and several planks and blocks of wood. Technical detail here.

Now we can ratchet the loom up to move it around and back down to fix its position. With a strong wrist it is surprisingly easy to do this.

We can move it anywhere, subject of course to reach of air pipe and cables.

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