8 End Satin, 3 End Warp

Self Portrait Age 8

Here comes the  2/16 mercerised cotton warp again, this time in three colours, white silver grey and slate grey.  Sett here at 45 ends per inch / 18 per centimetre on Marianne the TC2.

This self portrait is in an 8 end satin with two wefts, a Bockens black and a white wool 2/8nm  mobellatta supplied by William Hall. I put a subtle background design to break up the solidity and starkness of the two colour effects. The weft distortion on the left eye  shows where I allowed a little dithering in. Generally I prefer the clean cut look for images like this. This piece measures about 6 inches / 15 cm square.

More on turned taquete later.

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