Silk Tablet Weaving Workshop:12th November 2021


Learn to tablet weave at the Colourbothy Weaving Studio, Hirn, Banchory AB31 5QT.

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A day workshop in tablet weaving, Friday 12th November.

Weave a narrow silk band suitable for a spectacle holder, necklace or wristlet.

Using a studio inkle loom make a warp, practice weaving technique. You will also learn how to adapt to weave backstrap style without a separate loom so that you can continue to weave at home.

Tablet weaving uses small squares of card to create patterning. Learning to tablet weave is a great way to understand the weaving process and can easily be continued at home. Children are particularly quick to pick up the technique. We will look at how tablet weaving weaving compares to other band weaving such as inkle weaving.

Suitable for everyone new to tablet weaving and those with experience who wish to understand different ways of warping. Children aged 10 and above are welcome accompanied by an adult. If you’d like to bring or your own inkle loom, please let me know in advance.

Fees include use of studio inkle loom, silk yarn, tablets to take home, fittings for spectacle holders/bracelet clasps, tea and coffee throughout the day. Please bring your own lunch and water bottle.

Hours The class runs from 10.00 to 4.00pm. Prior booking essential. Maximum 4 students.

Please get in touch by email or call on +44 (0)1330 844409 with any questions or to fix a class for another date.