Beatrijs Sterk from Hanover

Belinda Rose is a gifted weaver and a born teacher. I was in her class digital weaving on the TC2 and had a simple and clear introduction to the computer preparations to be made before starting to weave. I had done this several times before but always forgot some details so my confidence was gone. Belinda’s patience with me did put me at ease and I finally understood the process. What a pleasure if it works out well!

Before starting to weave Belinda showed weave structures, among them several refined weaves like taqueté and samit, that I considered far too complicated for me as a beginner in digital weaving. Here again she made it clear that nothing is too difficult with this equipment and that these weaves can be fun to use. Again I made it and have some wonderful samples now, of which Belinda suggested that I should wash and iron to make them look even more textile, which they did! I am looking forward to my next stay in her studio.