Double Weave Threadings

Double weave threadings are so versatile in handweaving. This image shows three fabrics and differing textures and weights, all woven on a two colour double weave warp threading: turned taquete at the top, followed by classic two colour double weave, then repp.


Thread double weave designs with two alternating colours in the warp,  straight entry threading, 1,2,3,4, for weaving two layers of plain weave. Restrict the threading to four shafts for free-form pick up techniques, or expand in repeats on blocks of shafts: Block A: 1 2 3 4; Block B: 5 6 7 8,  and so on as shafts allow for block designs. Either way brings opportunities for different designs in contrasting colour effects.

Weave two layers of plain weave, each layer interlacing, as double width or as two separate layers. So many options! The weaving process involves thinking about which layers and threads need to be raised or lowered for each pass of the shuttle. Use one shuttle or more.

The threading brings options to weave designs in two single layer structures which also deliver colour reversals on each surface, the colour coming from the two differently coloured sets of warp:-

Repp, a dense warp faced fabric, using thick and thin wefts, suitable for runners and mats.

Turned taquete, a warp emphasis fabric, great for lighter fabrics generally with a softer handle and good a  draping quality.

Repurposing the warp, spread the ends out by re-denting to a regular one layer sett and weave any of the structures available with a four shaft straight entry draft – twills, basket weaves, plain weaves.

I’ve developed a shuttle and layer rotation which takes the weaving along little more swiftly. Doing this on a foot operated loom means I am doing less shuttle switching which is where the time saving comes in. On a table loom this method simplifies the understanding of the relationship of the layers to the shuttles, in addition to easier shuttle handling.

I’ll be sharing this approach in future double weave classes. My next weekly double weave classes are on Tuesday afternoons starting on 22nd October 2019. 8 weeks ending on 10th December.