Jacquard Weaving Workshop: March/April 2020


Designing for the digital jacquard hand loom using Adobe Photoshop: March 31st – 3rd April 2020

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Designing for the jacquard loom using Adobe Photoshop: the next group workshop will be in 31st March – 3rd April 2020

This four day workshop provides an introduction to weaving on a TC2 digital jacquard handloom. You will learn to design in Photoshop from scratch, starting with your own damask designs and moving onto multiple shuttle waves such as samitum and double weaves. Maximum number of students: 2.

You can expect to leave with a good overview of jacquard weave structures, the confidence to design your own, and to apply them in designs to weave on a digital jacquard handloom.

Participants in all workshops bring their own laptop with Adobe Photoshop installed.

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One to one tuition and tuition over the internet are also available.