Weekly Weaving Casses: Autumn 2019


Weekly weaving classes Autumn 2019: Tuesday afternoons 2.00 – 5.00pm, from 22nd October until 10th December 2019.

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Explore Double Weave Threadings


This set of 8 weaving classes focussing on double weave threadings runs on Tuesday afternoons from 22nd October until 10th December 2019. It is open for all levels of experience, using studio equipment and materials.

The studio 8 shaft table looms will be set up for double plain weave, giving the opportunity to study this topic in depth.

Beginners will weave a small study piece to learn the main weave structures and can go on to work on a project using materials supplied by the studio. Over the 8 weeks you will experience the process of setting up a loom from the start and be able to try your hand at double weave.

More experienced weavers will refresh and develop knowledge and skills through focussing on double weave or another area of interest. 

It is well worth exploring the versatility traditional double weave threadings offer. In this course we will look at double weave in several ways:

  • Single cloth with interchanging layers giving built in and freeform design options.
  • Double width fabric, in tube form or with a fold at one edge. You can also try weaving two separate layers.
  • Turned taquete with built in designs and freeform.
  • Repp, again, with built in designs and freeform.
  • Horizontal ribbing.

With advance notice, you have the option to choose another topic to study on a Colourbothy Studio or your own loom in-depth and work on your own special project with help at hand.

The studio supplies materials for sampling and small projects. 

A studio loom will be allocated to you for the session. If you wish to bring your own loom, please get in touch.

There is some flexibility in dates and times, if you are interested in what is on offer please get in touch or call me on +44 (0)1330 844409 with any questions.

Time: Tuesday afternoons, 2.00 – 5.00pm,

One to one tuition is also available.