curtains for me

sampling taquete weave for curtains

sampling taquete weave for curtains


This section of handwoven cotton is a sampling for curtains. This has been a slow moving project, it is great to share some progress.

The design is a mottled sort of stoney background with Pictish imagery woven in. The images blend and fade as they do on the carved stones we see in Aberdeenshire.

There is a celtic knot from the top of the Monymusk reliquary. There are eagles, horses, snakes and beasts.

The warp is a peachy colour, there are two wefts, white and grey, woven in taquete.


  1. jonty rose says:

    and this is just a little bit – there is at least 4m more. The design is full of enquiry, exciting and beautiful. Can’t wait to see it when finished.

    • Belinda says:

      Thank you! We’ll see how it is when it been wet finished – should look tighter and have more body. The real thing may be less peachy, jury is still out.

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