Rule Breaking Weaving

I continue to get much out of Laura Thomas‘s Rule Breaking Workshop at the Association of Weavers Spinners and Dyers Summer School in Carmarthen last year. So long ago, still bearing fruit, and processing ideas and thoughts.

In this part of the sample, the weft, running counterintuitively from top to bottom, changes as I try different yarns. There are red woollen yarns and a cotton gimp on the left, unmoving to orange tencel and white synthetic gimp on the right. I was working with 2 end blocks. Eight shafts, four blocks , twelve ends in each block. Threaded on adjacent shafts, eg. 1,2, x6; 3,4, x6; 5,6, x6; 78 x6; and so on.

You can barely see the warp of 2/8 tencel in half inch stripes of taupe and purple.

Lots of variety and fun.

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  1. Hi Belinda, So lovely to find this on your blog! Delighted the course is still giving much food for thought. Warmest wishes, Laura

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