Fabric rolled around two tubes to store fabric

Rolling Fabric – Two Tube Trick

It’s best to store textiles flat or rolled. I like to use a couple of tubes, rolled cardboard or paper to store longer pieces of cloth, hangings or scarves. The two tube trick controls the fabric neatly without adding creases folds or bumps from fringes. The diagram shows how to roll one piece, but you can roll several pieces together, stack them all on tube one, then roll as usual.

Here is a short video showing the process.

Fabric rolled around two tubes to store fabric
Using two tubes to store fabric

Lay centre of cloth over tube number one. Place tube number two next to it. Start rolling.

Diagram showing the tubes

You can use card inners from packs of tin foil, or make rolls out of drawing or other paper. I cover mine with acid free tissue paper.

It is worth including printed instructions for the two tube trick when sending work out, so that the recipient can store it safely too. Feel free to download and print.

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