Tablet woven River of life

Rivers of Life

The technique of tablet weaving continues to amaze. Peter Collingwood said in ‘The Techniques of Tablet Weaving’: “It is only when, in the development of the loom, the shed making device reached the complexity found in a draw loom or Jacquard that there existed again a degree of control over individual warp threads comparable to that offered by tablets.’

Folded back on itself, and helped with a bit of pressure, this tablet woven cotton band retains the shape of the wave direction in the diagonal – as rivers shape valleys landscape as they flow through. It is based on an old Egyptian pattern, sometimes called the river of life, representing a meandering journey from one river bank to another.

During the Banchory River Festival I will demonstrate tablet weaving rivers of life on Sunday 9th June 11 – 4.00pm at Buchanans Bistro, Woodend Barn, Burn o’Bennie.

If you are interested you can have a go too!

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