warping the TC1


Warping the TC-1 shows me warping the TC-1 single thread controlling loom from Digital Weaving Norway.

I’m using a trapeze as described by Kati Meek

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  1. Can’t get the video to load up? When I was in Barcelona in May/June, I came across a small shop of some gorgeous hand woven goods, they were so lovely it was what had caught my attention in the first place. When I went into the shop there was a lady with a wooden loom weaving away, so she was there crafting her goods as the finished items were on display for sale. I was fascinated and knowing this is what you do, I was intrigued to learn something of the process. Unfortunately the woman was so miserably and unwelcoming, I didn’t hang around nor did I buy anything which is such a shame as the goods were really exquisite.

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